Refrigerated transport in controlled
temperature, refrigerated logistics

About us

We provide specialized services as, in addition to modern vehicle fleet and trained personnel, we organize our work in a perfect manner and offer incredible accuracy. Every year we arrange transport of refrigerated goods in the amount of about 39 500 tons.

Our qualifications are based on many years of experience, training and knowledge. Quality policy, ISO 9001 standards, well implemented procedures of Good Distribution Practice, procedures of vehicle fleet control as well as certification of carriers all together form the foundations of our daily work.

We work on the basis of high moral and ethical standards. We are convinced that business can be continued for years giving us and our contractors a sense of security and tangible financial benefits.

Our mission

We always give the top priority to the highest standard of our services, as well as to the promptness of response to the needs of our customers.
We are focused on continuous development, improvement of work processes and implementation of new IT solutions, thanks to which we can continuously increase the quality of our services.

Our offer

Refrigerated transport

From the very beginning of our business, we have been aware that refrigerated transport must be planned and carried out in a very detailed manner. Thanks to many years of experience, which we have gained by completing hundreds of orders since 2002, we can efficiently, effectively and with the most restrictive standards carry out transport services which are well-designed in every respect.

We have adopted very high standards of service so that the transport of fragile and demanding cargo can be carried out in undisturbed conditions. In case of any type of shipment, we follow all transport rules, because we know that each product group has different requirements.

What do we transport:


We arrange food transport based on strict legal regulations. We ensure appropriate conditions, equipment and supervision.

  • refrigerated transport of fruit and vegetables
  • refrigerated transport of frozen foods, cold cuts and meat
  • refrigerated transport of meat on hooks
  • transport of fish and seafood
  • transport of dairy products (yoghurt, milk, cheese)


Our experience, competence and specialized vehicles allow us to transport medicines that require the highest level of care for transport conditions.

  • transport of medicines
  • transport of dietary supplements
  • transport of medical preparations (in accordance with Good Distribution Practice)

Beauty products

We provide comprehensive services in the transport of cosmetic products. We guarantee safety of the entire process and compliance with all applicable standards.

  • transport of ADR goods in a controlled temperature
  • deodorants
  • cosmetic products
  • dangerous goods

Chemical products

While transporting chemical products we ensure detailed transport plan and specialized vehicles. The service is carried out by drivers with authorizations specified in the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR)

  • transport of ADR goods in controlled temperature
  • transport of dangerous products and goods
  • transport requiring special permits, piloting


We know perfectly well that the transport of plants is a task requiring the highest standard of care for transport conditions. Our experience and specialized equipment allow us to provide this kind of services at the highest quality level. The service is provided in compliance with strict phytosanitary regulations.

  • transport of shrubs
  • transport of seedlings

Excise products

Our company has been carrying out the transport of excise goods for many years. Our resources, know-how and knowledge of legal regulations allow us to transport excise goods legally and safely.

  • transport of alcohol
  • tobacco transport

Where and who do we work with?

The largest share in our portfolio is represented by the routes to: Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Greece.

We also transport goods to the markets of the Eastern countries: Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine and Moldovia.

Our customers include:

46 companies from pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries
87 firms involved in the production and sale of meat and cold cuts
106 companies from other food, chemical, aviation, household appliances and consumer electronics industries.


Vehicles such as refrigerator, refrigerated truck with meat hooks, doppelstock, side curtain, tarpaulin and a box van are insured, equipped with GPS monitoring, and have all the necessary approvals and permits for efficient performance of services. Our company has a civil liability insurance and the vehicles have appropriate ATP and FRC certificates, certificates of sensors calibration as well as sanitary and veterinary approvals.

ITC Transport chłodniczy

Refrigerated truck

Our refrigerated vehicles meet all requirements and standards of the European Union for food transport.

  • transport in controlled temperatures from -30 to +30 °C
  • 6, 15, 18, 33 euro-pallets
  • 0.8 t, 3.5 t, 6 t, 22.5 t
  • vehicles equipped with a thermograph

Refrigerated trucks with meat hooks

We use refrigerated trucks with meat hooks for transporting hanging meat. The vehicles meet all the requirements and standards of the European Union for to food transport.

  • 4 or 5 rails in the European or Danish system
  • above 550 hooks
  • 33 euro-pallets
  • up to 21.5 tonnes

Curtain trailers

Universal cars, meeting the highest standards, allow for transport in accordance with all applicable legal regulations.

  • 33 euro-pallets
  • up to 24 tonnes

Box vans

Small and fast vans guarantee efficient and cheap handling of shipments.

  • 6-8 euro-pallets
  • up to 1,5 t


Hereby, we confirm the high quality of services offered by P.H.U ITC KULA JACEK. Fully operational vehicles equipped with refrigerated trailers and professional staff, allow for fast and professional execution of orders.

P.H.U. ITC KULA JACEK meets our expectations in full. The orders are fulfilled in a reliable manner, on time and we accept them without any reservations. We are informed about the implementation of transports on an ongoing basis.

P.H.U. ITC Jacek Kula company is exceptional as it is very easy to communicate with and very flexible during the execution of transport orders (…). Deliveries are carried out on time.

ITC offers a large number of loading and unloading points. To ITC punctuality is of the highest importance. The company fulfils all the requirements in an exemplary way. We give the company (…) references, recommending it to other entities interested in obtaining the above mentioned services.

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