"Transport is the bloodstream of economy
ITC is the synapse of logistics."

The company

Everything started in 2002. Being open to challenges we took the opportunity to arrange logistics and distribution of fresh food products of a large international company. Acting with high precision and possessing rich managerial experience, one month later we had 30 refrigerated trucks operating on a weekly basis.

Then everything went smoothly. Other companies heard about us on the grapevine and today possessing wealth of experience, we offer a full range of services.

We are aware of the fact that our development is dependent on the amount of time we need in order to meet our customers’ needs and most importantly, the quality of our services.

You are kindly invited to start cooperation with us.
Jacek Kula


Presently we provide services to clients representing the following industries: food, meat, pharmaceutical, chemical, radio and television appliances as well as household appliances, offering:

We assure our clients that loads operated by our fleet will be safely and quickly delivered to their destinations.

e specialise not only in providing services to small companies but also to large, international corporations operating on our market. The total weight of commodities carried by our fleet equals 35 500 tonnes annually.

Our fleet

Refrigerated trucks, hook refrigerated trucks, double-deck, curtain trailers, tautliners, tank trucks, vans – all vehicles are insured and possess necessary permissions for the purpose of order fulfillment. We also possess a liability insurance. Quality of our services is confirmed by means of the implemented system of PN-EN ISO 9001:2009.

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Refrigerated truck

Trucks with refrigeration systems, meeting all European Union requirements and norms concerning food transport

Controlled temperature from -30 to +30 degrees Celsius
- 33 Euro-pallets
- 22 tonnes
- equipped with thermograph.

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Hook refrigerated truck

Trucks with refrigeration systems, adapted to hanging meat on hooks and meeting all European Union requirements and norms concerning food transport.

A hook refrigerated truck is equipped with a thermograph and it is able to carry 21,5 tones of meat in controlled temperatures.

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Universal trucks meeting all domestic and international loading standards up to 24 tones.

- 33 Euro-pallets

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Owing to small and fast vans, we may guarantee fast and cheap services. We strive to provide services to clients who are interested in transporting small amounts of goods up to 4 tonnes as well as partial loads up to 10 tonnes.


We operate on the European market carrying goods between Poland and the rest of Europe.

Our most frequent routes are: Great Britain, France, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary.

We also provide our services on the eastern markets, such as: Russia, Byelorus, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Moldova.


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e-mail: biuro@itc-consulting.com.pl
tel. (0048) 32 780 64 16